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Products at AVCO Technologies: We offer a wide range of purducts here.

The “Information Age” has changed the way the world listens and learns. To get your message heard you must package it in a way that captures attention—and holds it.

There are many products available today that will help you such as lightweight, portable LCD projectors, wireless microphones, interactive computer whiteboards and many other items. The correct selection and integration of these products is the key to making a lasting impression.

Our experienced sales staff is fully qualified to assist you in selecting the audio/visual products that suit your needs and integrating them into your environment. We are committed to selling the industry’s premier products offering quality workmanship and premium technology.

We sell, service and rent the finest in audio visual, sound and computer presentation equipment.  We represent the best manufacturers in the industry including: Eiki, Extron, Crown, Yamaha and many others.

Following is a description of our Companies capabilities by category:


 A/V Presentation Systems,  A/V Lamps, Data/Video Projectors, LED Monitors, Lecterns, Screens

Pro Sound

Amplifiers, Audio Conferencing Systems, Audio Processors, Digital Processors, Effects, Hearing Assistance Systems, Microphones, Microphone Mixers, Analog and Digital Mixing Consoles, Speakers, Multimedia Players, Wireless Mic Systems, Sound Masking Systems, Portable Systems, Digital Recorders


Cameras, Editing Equipment, Interface Products, Rack Systems, Remote Surveillance, Switchers/Mixers, Fiber Systems 


LED Fixtures and Controllers, Special Effects, Special Lighting, Spot Lights

Paging & Communications

Speakers, Amplifiers, Mixers, Microphones

Support Pruducts

Acoustical Material, Computer Cables & Connectors, Connectors & Cables, Control Systems, Custom Cases, Equipment Racks, Microphone, Speaker and Lighting Stands, Music Supplies, Tripods, TV/Speaker Mounts, Power Conditioners, Wire & Cable, Signal Distribution

Sound Making 

 Speakers, Masking Generators and Amplifiers

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